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"What do I need to bring?" "Where do I sleep?" "What's the food like?"

We know you've got lots of questions - so we've put together a list of answers to the most commonly asked ones.
If we haven't answered your question already - get in touch here, we'd love to hear from you!

  • Do I need to bring Sleeping bag / Bed linen?
    No. There is no need to bring Sleeping Bag or bed linen. The college are now providing all Bed Linen.
  • How can I make contact with the Academy during the week?
    The Academy phone 087 9363930 may be contacted at all times. The Kilkenny College office may be contacted in an emergency during office hours
  • Is it possible for parents/relatives to visit the academy during the week?
    It may be possible to visit if prior notification is received and an approximate time of arrival is advised to us.
  • Is it possible to arrive by public transport?
    Kilkenny is well serviced by both bus and train. Campers may be collected by prior arrangement at the stations.
  • Where do the campers sleep at camp?
    Campers sleep in dormitories normally with campers of the same age (6 – 8 per dorm)
  • Can my child be assigned to the same dormitory as his/her friend(s)?
    Yes. Campers will be assigned to the same dormitories on request.
  • Where is the staff from?
    The coaches will be selected from a pool of top Irish and foreign coaches. A dedicated core staff is invited back year after year who are valued as excellent teachers of the game. Top quality international and Irish coaches complement this group, which results in the perfect balance for a successful program.
  • Can I cancel my registration?
    Deposits less €25 administration fee will be refunded up to July 1st 2021. After that date deposits are non refundable.
  • What happens if my child needs to take medication at camp?
    The Academy Nurse will administer any medication in accordance with directions received from parents/Guardians.
  • What is the phone policy?
    Mobile phone use is restricted to free times. Mobile phones will be collected at lights out each night, and returned the following morning.
  • What do campers receive as part of camp attendance?
    All campers receive official camp T-shirt and official camp player evaluation
  • Is individual instruction available at the Academy?
    Yes. Coaches will be available for teaching on a one to one basis. This is in addition to the daily sessions.
  • What is the menu like?
    The best camp meals in Ireland. An example of what you can expect from Kilkenny College is: Breakfast - Choice of Cereals, Toast, Juice, Milk, Tea or Coffee. Dinner - Beef burgers in a floury bap served with a herb diced potato, Smokey bacon macaroni cheese, Chicken goujons with salad and chips, Pasta with choice of creamy chicken sauce or spicy tomato sauce. Tea- Roast stuffed turkey and ham with gravy, Breaded chicken fillet served with garlic butter, Roast pork loin and homemade stuffing with apple sauce and gravy, Chicken curry with rice and vegetables. Main courses are served with potatoes and seasonal vegetables. Salad and fruit available every day. Vegetarian options available, see next question.
  • What happens if my child has a special diet?
    You should make contact with the Academy approx 1 week prior to camp. We will then make arrangements with the college or arrange for you to speak to the College Catering Staff directly.
  • Does my child need extra money at camp?
    Tuck Shop is available during breaks. Drinks, sweets, crisps, bottled water etc. Parents are advised to deposit money in the Camp Bank for safe keeping at registration, which may be used for tuck shop.
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