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Camp Goals

The #1 Camper-Focused Basketball Camp in Ireland


The goal of the camp is to ensure a positive and enjoyable learning experience for every camper, to provide extensive instruction and to emphasise the importance of team concepts and sportsmanship. We strive to assist each camper to realise their potential and achieve their personal goals through our program of skill oriented teaching and individual instruction.


At our camp, numbers are limited to ensure very high standards of individual care and attention. At Shooting Hoops campers are not merely numbers, we pride ourselves on getting to know each camper and being aware of their individual needs. Our Camp Mom and the administration team work 24 hours a day to make certain every camper is happy.


Shooting Hoops caters for all standards from beginners to more experienced players. Campers will develop all of the basketball skills - shooting, passing, dribbling, rebounding, offence and defence. But at camp, campers learn more than basketball. They learn about discipline, teamwork, self-esteem and the value of hard work. During the week, their self-confidence will grow along with their basketball skills.

Typical Camp Day

8am                Breakfast

9am                Assembly

9.15am           Warm Up & Stretch

9.30am           Individual Skill Development (Stations)

11.45am          1 v 1, 2 v 2, Advantage Situations

12.30pm         Lunch

1.45pm           Lecture

2.15pm           3 v 3

5.30pm          Dinner

6.30pm          League Games/Yoga/Strength & Conditioning

8.30pm           Shower

9pm                Social Time (Table Quiz, Movie, BBQ, Disco)

11pm              Lights Out
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